The Factory Outlet is a modern take on new age dining in a high finished rustic ambience, crafted to attract the modern outgoing youth! It’s a place where bold colors blend with the rustic industrial charm, topped with edgy designed elements. The Factory Outlet, implies that you get the “best stuff at a reasonable price". The 70 seater restaurant of Shenaz Hotels Pvt. Ltd. has been created from what used to be Platinum Lounge & half of the Ivory restaurant. Known for its quirky cocktails, they have mixologist Irfan Ahmed, the man behind the bar who creates extensive custom made Cocktails. The menu brings off beat classics like Jalapeno and Cheese Popcorn Margarita, Bubblegum and Candy floss Mojito or a Smoked Earl Grey Martini & Molecular cocktails on the table. Food is European with a dash of pre-plated world cuisine!