Shenaz Hotels Pvt. Ltd. (SHPL) is a name to reckon in the Hospitality Sector of India. Having set shop in April 2002, the Company kick started its first venture in the form of ‘Grain of Salt’ with Sanjeev Kapoor in Kolkata. Over the years, SHPL has evolved in the nurturing hands of Mr.Chandan Bhambani, along with Mr. Nikhil Bhambani and Mrs. Shivangi Bhambani and developed its own brands, which achieved many recognition and accolades. Encompassing over 25,000 square feet, it is India’s largest diversified Food & Beverage outlet, spread over two levels, with multiple options like- Shisha Bar Stock Exchange, We.Desi, The Factory Outlet, The Platinum Lounge and Shisha Reincarnated. The group has two other successful ventures- Ivory Banquets in Salt Lake and Bistro by The Park in Middleton Row.


CHANDAN BHAMBANI, Chairman Starting as a passionate entrepreneur, he is the driving force behind the evolution of SHPL. He carries a diverse experience of more than 30 years, acquired across an array of industries that include restaurant, service and retail. As a chief financial spokesperson, he spearheads the direction, execution and coordination of various arenas of the company including the administrative, business planning, accounting and budgeting. He is responsible for ensuring and maintaining the financial well-being and progress of the company.

NIKHIL BHAMBANI, Managing Director Born in Kolkata, Nikhil moved to Good Shepherd in Ooty at a young age, but finished his schooling from La Martiniere boy’s school. He completed his Bachelors of Commerce from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, and moved to Mumbai to pursue MBA at SP Jain institute of management. Driven by sports from a young age, he has excelled at every sport he tried. After working in retail for a few years he decided to start his first restaurant- Bistro by the Park on Middleton Row, a place where the city’s happy people congregate to dine well, basking in the warmth of good food and wine. Over the years Nikhil has started building a league of great restaurant brands with a special combination of creativity, hard work, warmth and innovation. His latest venture- Shisha Bar Stock Exchange, revolutionized the pub culture in Kolkata and reached heights the city had never seen before. All his spaces, each distinct and unique and all immediately popular, prove definitively that he has his finger firmly on the pulse of public taste and opinion.

SHIVANGI BHAMBANI, Director, Marketing and Strategy After establishing herself as an economist, her career path took a turn when she started brand architecture, communication design, branding and strategy development for SHPL. She also looks after the design and aesthetics for all the restaurants and brands. Her philosophy- that it’s the little details that build the brands- have given a strong individualistic identity to each SHPL brand. We.Desi is a testament to her fine eye for detail and creative vision. Leading the organization's marketing and strategic planning, she ensures that all marketing and public relations functions and activities are aligned and support the company's overarching and well-defined creative vision and direction. Having completed her M.Phil. from University of Cambridge, she has worked in London, Delhi and ran her own institute in Chandigarh before moving to Kolkata and entering the world of Hospitality.